Here Are Our Educational  Objective  and about the seminar

BJ Hair Salon has built a strong reputation over the last quarter century.  BJ Hair Salon is one of the most prestigious in hair weaving in the world.  Our carefully trained staff pays close attention to the needs of our all styles using real world strategies and activities that lead to total  involvement with full immersion into the craft and art of hair weaving.

  Educational Purpose
Our Purpose is to provide our students with the skill and expertise to become an expert hair weaving stylist.  This purpose is fulfilled when the stylist is engaged and passes the final exam. Our graduates will experience satisfaction and professional growth.  BJ Hair strive to ensure stylist       have developed the required eye hand coordination and practical skills necessary for a high level of technical proficiency.
       Our Mission

Our Mission is to make you "Salon Ready "...  Our training is known for its huge client base and focus on "Hands On" training from the educator, BJ Hair has over six thousand satisfied clients. at BJ Hair,  that we are turned into current trends in the hair industry, and have included both basic and advanced hair weaving techniques into our curriculum.

This course is for the cosmetologist, 
who would like to acquire new skills and brush up on particular hair weaving  design enhancements.  This course is a WONDERFUL opportunity to INCREASE and/or update your current skills. 

So all you have to do is Registered and be on time for your three day class this will be a experience of a life time              
          Please join bjhair for a fantastic seminar in to the world of superior hair weaving   

join  Benjamin for An innovate insightful Look Into The Exciting world of exceptional hair weaving                                                                                                                                           
This seminar will increase your current hair knowledge and give you additional tools/techniques to place you among the world's best in your profession.

Admission??? The fee is a tiny investment for the serious professional with significant return on investment... you cannot afford to miss this hair weaving training... the cost to attend the training???  Training will AMPLIFY your skills in the entire hair styling community.... Success Is Yours For Only:
     For Only:

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Benjamin's valuable insight and wealth of experience, will take your hairdressing career to heights you never thought possible.   

Seating Strictly Limited!

In order for each attendee to RECEIVE the maximum value from BENJAMIN, seating is limited.  Once your spot is BOOKED, it's GONE!!!  It may be months or even years before another CLASS is held in your area.

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Find out more about BENJAMIN Hall and his 30 YEARS in the hairdressing industry. 

Attention All Salon......Own Attention Hairdressers
Are you truly ready to be in the top 5% of your industry — increase your know and hair styling technique.  Professionals, who want to know more than just cutting & washing hair, have taken the Hairdressers' Seminar with endless benefits to their clients and themselves...

Your Personal Road Map to Success & Happiness Starts Here!
Beauty school taught you the basics of how to get your license, but if you want to be THE BEST in this industry, you're going to have to go far beyond those basic requirements.  In today's rough and tumble economy; being average is not going to take you very far on the road to HAIR STYLING SUCCESS!!!  The competition is fierce, without the knowledge and expertise in putting in Hair Extension needed to excel beyond the ordinary, your career slow and not going anywhere.

This is where BJ Hair can assist the Hairdresser with their individual GROWTH.  BJ HAIR IS HERE TO HELP YOU BECOME A STAR!!!  BJ Hair will show you a step by step method, through time management.  When you are putting in hair extension, reduced time is happiness to your client and more money to you, CONGRATS!!! 
Braiding without a comb, yes it is possible - time management!!!

Your financial Success is within reach, take the Three Day Class or Four Day Class.

our big covid  Extension complimentary sale
We offer a full range of  hair weaving techniques, braiding 
and weaving techniques for you to learn. These classes are offered to license cosmetologists and braiders. We also offer these classes to individuals who have an interest in learning this art, and want to become a natural hair care stylist and/or lectican. These skills can be yours through attending our seminars. We offer hairstylist  learning techniques to ensure your full comprehension and mastery of our classes. Register today and be on your way to increasing your education and your revenue. Learn More, Offer More. Remember education is the key to success. Look out for the Natural Hair, Custom hair Extension and Braiding Seminar tour coming to a City or State near you.
  this is a Varey intricate technique  
 you will desire? this technique
This latest invention is a simple and tiny thread technique that is virtually undetectable and easy to apply. The process is quick and easy with no pulling or stress and no damage to the hair. 
Using only the finest human hair,  produces is smooth and naturally looking you will get phenomenal , not only for you the stylist , but for your client's  

NO Heat, NO Chemicals
Today, more and more women opting to add length and thickness to their hair. the naturally way 
Traditionally, this look has been created through processes that involve no glues, braids or both. 
Our system does NOT require heating or chemicals for attachment or no strong solvents for removal. Anyone familiar with the hair industry knows what kind of damages that those harsh chemicals can cause. 
 our technique, promotes healthy hair , and natural hair 

(New Technique ,
The hair extensions look and feel completely natural. Also they are easy to wash and style,  Our system is so gentle,that it can be used on the most sensitive and difficult areas such as the top of a cleant head. It is as light as a feather,  your clients  won't even notice that  she is wearing hair extensions. light as a feather yes,mark our word ,and You can add it to the fine hair, It's Real Hair Addition techniques on the top of the client's hair head!!! , and we all so have  refresher couses, so please come with a open mind ,this  training is Varey intricate .we just do not teach you how to long hair  extensions, we all so teach  short hair extensions , that a nother claas  it so much to learn about this technique, it one of a con, and one you know will be doing it for years to come , mark my world , and the thig new one in the hair industry will be doing this technique be doing it. mark my world , that are not doing it now , 

Short Haircuts for hair extensions                                     

 ,we all so teach how to install short to long  hair weaving  
so many women are absolutely happy with the natural color of their hair. Even if it’s so, it’s in the female nature to seek versatility and try new things to change her looks. The first thing that comes to mind in this relation is trying new hair colors. Hair color ideas can be drawn from any source – nature, modern art, fashion color palettes and combinations, etc. Hair color trends 2019 are not restricting, quite the opposite. Every hair color will find its place under the sun this year, from soft balayage and Ombre blends in natural hues of blonde, brown and red through more pronounced gray, caramel, auburn and burgundy shades to completely unnatural neon and pastel hair dye colors. Now is the best time to interduce new hair weaving , to your cleans 
.we are vestal educator's and hair stylist , we can teach you short to long, when it come's to hair textures,
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