Tips to prevent hair loss

1) Avoid having cornrows or individual braids put in too tightly.

2)please Tightly wrap up hair at night in order to avoid excessive pulling of braids

3) Sleep on a stein or silk pillowcase 

4)To avoid follicle damage , remove braids at least every tow months, or aver (4) week's. and that is known as a touch up in my world. 

5) Immediately remove braids if you experience pain, itching headaches
or  irritation. 

6) please visit a dermatologist if you experience balding or thinning areas.

7)If you are experience months without hair growth, hair loss may be permanent. visit  dermatologist immediately.  and all so. here are some supplement  recommended

 BellaNutri  , this is a nutritional supplement made of marine fish oil, is highly

Hire Care 

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How  to incorporate naturally caring ingredients into your daily hair and skin routine   
Alterna HaircareBamboo Smooth Kendi Oil      Pure Treatment Oil.
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3 Myths About Growing Longer Hair

Along with the popularity and success stories associated with hair growth vitamins come the inevitable myths that influence consumers' purchasing decisions. Some may be based in fact, but most of them are simply untrue and should be ignored when seriously considering steps to support and protect the growth of your hair.
Here is a quick 1-2-3 list of some of our favorite debunked hair vitamin myths:
Biotin Is All Your Hair Needs 
While biotin is a critically important ingredient in most effective hair growth vitamins, it is not the only one. There is much more to hair growth than taking a simple biotin capsule.
Prenatal Vitamins Are Better
Prenatal vitamins are really not ideal for promoting existing hair growth. In fact, unless you are actually pregnant, you should not consume prenatal vitamins as they may contain high quantities of unnecessary iron.
Trimming Hair Encourages Growth
Hair grows from the root, not the tip, so trimming your hair does not impact the speed or support of its growth. It may make your hair look healthy and free of split ends, but it won't actually promote growth.
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Benefits of Indian Hair Formula: 
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Adds luster and shine 
Contains a natural blend of herbs 
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    Get some plant power into your hair