Tips to prevent hair loss 
1) Avoid having cornrows or individual braids put in too tightly.

2)please Tightly wrap up hair at night in order to avoid excessive pulling of braids

3) Sleep on a stein or silk pillowcase 

4)To avoid follicle damage , remove braids at least every tow months, or aver (4) week's. and that is known as a touch up in my world. 

5) Immediately remove braids if you experience pain, itching headaches
or  irritation. 

6) please visit a dermatologist if you experience balding or thinning areas.

7)If you are experience months without hair growth, hair loss may be permanent. visit  dermatologist immediately.  and all so. here are some supplement  recommended

 BellaNutri  , this is a nutritional supplement made of marine fish oil, is highly

This unique hair weaving system was developed   by the world renewed Benjamin Hall.
My weaving system is done with a remarkable flat foundation.
What does that mean? I do an ultra-fine cornrow braid. NO machines, and absolutely NO glue. 

This  Is a unique hair weaving system. and here's why. it takes less than half the time of other weaves. the client's hair will look so real, that only me the  hair stylist will know .  there are no lumps and no bump's you can stork it.this weave is flat. that it is as smooth, to the touch as the surface of your arm. it is so flat that can style it in ten  different yes.

 What are the benefits of this unique hair  weave ?

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Hire Care 

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