Bjhair's look and See Seminar               3 Hour Class in your salon 
              Continuing Education for Business Minded
                      Salon Owners & Hairdressers 
                      on how to put in hair Extensions

          Discover the Success secrets
  of  knowing about the bast kept secret                                                      

We teach  classes on all textures of hair ,          and what say we at Bjhair we                                  hair is hair 

We are one of the  best Braiders in the business when it comes to installing  hair extensions , and how to lay in a  weave in the correct way, and when it comes to installing extensions  what you will be learning           is a method of speed  braiding  

We at bjhair  are about to introduce to you the most innovative hair extension method  available on the market  we at bjhair take our teaching hair wavering very sirusly this new and improved system has received worldwide recognition and we are extremely excited to share it with you .                         

( let's get right to it) the most important thing about installing hair in for a good weave ,is our method  of (Breading) .and than hair (Placement) And When  I Talk  About hair  Placement ,it is how to lay hair in for a good install   

( hair Braiding )                                                          at bj hair the braiding is vary important , and we do, and can braid all texture of hair, it is a very tiny cornrow which is don without a comb .and we all so take it very sinus, and it's very important that the  braiding be very small. the most important thing about this system, is the base .and to us at bj hair this is a start of a good install , for hair extension, or you may say a good weave  . 

(Speed Breading )
 all so you will be  learning how to get it don in a timely manner. speed breading is very important to this technique .so think about this if you do not use a comb you will get finished faster. you will also be introduce how to do speed braiding.   
And the more, and the more  you do  the speed breading)the faster you will get . So What that means, that the base must be flat so that your client's can have believable hair do. And the faster you get done the more money you can make 

​( Geting your money wreath)
 And please if you are planning on taking some of our class ( please please please  COME WITH A OPEN MIND)so you can receive all the information and get your (MONEY WREATH                                WHEN COMING to the class 

 ( WHEN TAKING A CLASS FROM  BJ HAIR )           It is just not teaching you how to put a good install. are extension weave. so please I'm asking you come with a open mind.  this method that you will be interduce to, and learning, is a art .And once you get interduce to this technique. and just a reminder, this is not only a unique technique. But this is a art that you will never see in the world .mark my word. and know other stylist will be doing this wondaful technique, this is how this technique a hundred years old , and is the most healthiest your cleant's hair         

(.WE HAVE THE BEST SECRET) . And we are here to interduce it to you  .We at bjhair have the secret. Yes the bast kept secret). we will interduce in putting in a good  install. And you naver will experience it in your lifetime.(MARK MY WORD).

(This install is like no other)  YOU NEVER SEEN). Please this is not a regular  (install ).                              And this braiding  is very(  DIFFERENT) .

And yes we have a way of braiding with out know     LUMPS are BOPS. AND WITH OUT A  COMB . and by not, by using a comb allow you to go faster than normal .  so than you do have not to keep stopping to keep parting the hair .   

( we will show you how to braid a flat base  ) that is not damaging to your client hair .  

 ( And  Most important ).  Believe me there is  Absolutely no solving solutions or glue no no no .                           

Dear Salon Professionals: 

            We Aer Offering A 3 Hr. Class  
              this 3 hr. class is in  house salon's only  
                      we will come to  your salon  

      As Little As a 3 hour Class          
                              To  Chose from 
           (Sun Day )  (Monday) (Tuesday)
                  And if you like a norther day  
                    of the week it needs to be discus 
   this is a 3 hour  introductory Couse for hair styles  

Course Details:
2.braiding around the hairline
3.Braiding while leaving hair out
4.leaving hair out for the part
5.where to start putting the hair in
6.sewing in the part at the top.
7.sewing the hair in1to 3 sections
8.covering the part
​9.cut and Style  Class Policies

Class fee is required at time of reservation. 

Sorry, no refunds are given for missed classes. If only one person signs up for a class, each class period will turn into a 3hour lesson and will cover the same all of the key point's   
​ 9.Techniques
​          All students will receive a Certificate of Hair Extension Certification At the end of the class

We have a secret we like to share with you ,so we have the bast kept secret we like to share it with you So please try our new amazing System!!  our unique method we ensure you and your customers satisfactions and .customers
              ‘’ This Is Your Roadmap to salon
                    The One Business Seminar you
           Absolutely must attend! Stylists seminars
  And The Name of The Seminar  Look and see
  Dear Salon pofessionals:

We want to introduce to you the most innovative hair extension method available on the market.
This improved new system has received worldwide recognition and we are sharing it with you.
The method of braiding is very tiny cornrows and it is not damaging to your client’s hair. and most important, there is absolutely no use of solving solutions or glue. Try our new amazing system!!
Our unique method will assure your customer’s satisfaction. AND high customer loyalty. And the growth of new clientele. What more could you ask for? 
Hair Extension Classes  

US,, Hair Care is a $20 billion Industry*
Human Hair Extensions are Globally growing at 40% annually*
Salons offering Hair Extensions grew 28.5% in the past 2 years*
The culture of Celebrity Hair Extensions is driving the trend*
New Hair Extension Techniques has opened up the market
            Attention all hair styles
            As Little As a 3 hour Class  
If you would like Customized classes in the privacy of your own salon we require at least 4 students and we will travel to you anywhere in the country! Simply select Custom Salon Training deposits during checkout and we will secure a date within the next 6-8 weeks to travel and personalize a Hair Extension Class for your Salon!
   This seminer is  customized for beauty salon's 

"Dare to Succeed-Hair Extensions & Weaving Class