Course Details: You can get training on any 5 techniques 
​ will learn how to braid without use of a comb $75.00                 day(1) is 2 hour's will learn how to braid  in timely and efficient way $75              day(2) is 2 hour's 
​ will learn how to braid around the hairline$75.00                       da(3) is 2 hour's will learn ​how to braid for various styles$7500                           day(4) is 2 hour's                                                                           ​ will learn how to sew the hair ON steps  by step  $125.00           day(5) is 4hour's

and you decide you like to add on more time after your 2 hour is up to you , you can . at 15.00 dollar per 30min 

 want to learn over 5 consecutive days. 1-5 techniques are taught each day. this is the very best extension application in the world 

. Rather than traveling to hair shows, working on stage and training hairdressers in the evening,   I will be training in jersey city, where I have a Private Salon.

Get an education, and write it off your taxes. Plus, I’m located in jersey city.  

benjamin Hall is a instructor with over 31 years experience

 and after a certificate of completion, and a take home gift bag. You will all so be featured in an our upcoming news later on website       

Course Details: You get training on any 5 techniques that you can  learn over 5 consecutive days. 1-5 techniques are taught each day. to completion . are howThe class can last from a few hours to all day. Depending how Meany class you take, I will make shore that you can go to your salon and do extensions on someone from beginning to end. I figure what’s the point of learning something, new if you’re not going to use it. where here to give you the confidence. so you can do the bast work aver. and yes this a art . that i like to share with aver one to understand, you like to 

 Bjhair Extension training is a plus and profitable  . 

I will also be your mentor when you have questions in the future. The training I do will be the best you have ever don. You will learn how to proceed in this new artistic talent, to me this is a art that I will be shearing the knowledge :for more info  (800)941-0665

Educator: Benjamin hall
Working Cosmetologist over 31 years
Former educator 

Learn how to apply and maintain hair Extensions ,                                    most natural looking extensions on the market now, when done properly.
hair extensions are taking our hair world by storm! Read and see this new state of the art hair extension application that literally is invisible! ​

NO Heat...NO glue...NO Damage...
NO tension...NO stretching...NO chemicms...NO Pain

One on One Classes are available in Private Setting

To request more info on the Education: (888 663-82490)
we do accept credit cards through our website.

notebook, pen, opt. scissors and thinning shears. Scissors depending on what class you are taken 
 increase the finances of your salon.

Call SINCERELY YOURS Private Salon Bj Hair
for questions:
(888 663-82490)
  Continuing Education for Business Minded
           Salon Owners & Hair stylist                                     who want to know more about
             how to put in hair Extensions
​          class Objective

        Available Classes 2020
        $42500 per 5 Techniques
         Hair-weaving Perfection

             one on one private class
  Every course that's purchase is for hour 
           as being a master hair weaver or some may say ,                                        a master hair  Extensions master 
this is new method that fulfills the wish of having longer hair the cleant should all was use real hair, natural hair,  100% real hair,and the result will be perfect, for your client , and helping the cleant in managing her hair, so you can help the cleant feel confident in all situations ,and there are know limits to what I can teach you , including all the stylist you have in your salon . and that is including forms of bold sport. I'm the master when is comes to installing , my weaving system is don with a remarkably  flat foundation. That means an ultra fine cornrow track, no machines, no laser, and absolutely no bonding( glue) but mark my word, after the install is in , you and the client not be able to tell 
       Certified Hair Extension Specialist from bjhair  
Institute you will be part of our growing network of specialists who benefit from country-wide referrals as well as constant updating of the latest techniques and trends affecting the hair extension industry. We keep in touch with our specialists to ensure a continuing level of quality and money-making opportunity. at bjhair is always available to the network providing any needed updates or to handle unique hair extension situations                                  that might occur or require
. About the Sew-In Training Course . And showing the art of hair weaving     are may I say ,hair Extensions
 Braid foundation weaving classes 
 designed to increase your dividends, if you’re tired of your clients complaining about how unnatural their extensions look can they wash their weaves, where they can purchase quality hair, or you just don’t know how to achieve a full hair weave application, then we can help contact Bjhair  or to book your class now while seats are available! I will show you how to make more money working smarter not harder. So you can spend more time with your family.
I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed taking you about the class. Thank you. You explained everything in such detail. I was looking for an extension class one on one that wouldn't damage my client’s hair with glues or heat .and you've got it! The BJHAIR extensions are exactly what I was looking for. Now I can give my client’s length and body without damaging their own natural hair. Taking your class was fun and easy. You made sure I understood how to put in and remove the extensions before that class was done. I left feeling so confident about my ability with the extensions class. that when I went home I was booking clients within the same month! I’m so glad I took the class from you."

I'm benjamin hall (CEO owner)         I have seen too many bad extension applications and simply bad or damaging systems that embarrass me as a cosmetologist. I can honestly say that the system we use is the best in the world I have ever seen . so by completing the training, your first client will be your future advertisement  just a food for thought , I am a Varey creative human bean when it come in installing hair extensions , what I mean, I can all most do any hair style in putting in hair extensions  you name it and I will create it
bjhair Hair Privet wavering class hair 
 for more information  1-88-663-8249 
or you can e-mail us
Hair Extension Training Classes
            Aer you ready to Exhale and                           broaden your horizons    
             and take your career to the next level             and learn to be eagerrt in installing hair           extensions 

And if you  are  Attending the privet class there is a  deposits ,and it  is non refunded and to all hairstylists and owners  
Master class;: Private one on one lasses    where you learn all methods in a hands on environment. here is a food for thought. a norther thing about this Technique, learning  how to install  hair in the correct way . so it can look as natural as possible, in most cases .that"s not seen. and all so, you can learn how to take out hair extensions  in minutes . and this technique is good for your clients that would love to grow there hair out of layers, are colors , and all so, achieving longer hair,  and in facet, so your client can have a wondaful install , when it comes to learning to do a good install , you have came to the right place .and please, why you here , we just like to remind you pleas come with a open mind, so that you cane receive the information , and teach you, how to install hair  extensions the correct way, we will teach you how to install all  textures of hair and nationality, so on this web site you may see  variety of all types of women and hairstyles ,I'm a vestal educator and hair stylist , we can teach you short to long, which you do not see the short, a lot of  the times , you all ways see long hair extensions , so when you are setting up your  ,hair weaving class please let us know . what you  like to learn, how to install a shot styles are long styles  .and please come with a open mind , this Technique 
Enroll today become a Certified hair weaver   
  Enroll today
 and if you a seasoned hair styles and you like more education you are more than welcome 
I'm a vestal educator and hair stylist , we can teach you short to long, 
I'm a vestal educator and hair stylist , we can teach you short to long, 
.I'm a vestal educator and hair stylist , we can teach you short to long,