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Course Details: You can get training on any 5 techniques 
​ will learn how to braid without use of a comb $75.00 will learn how to braid  in timely and efficient way $75
​ will learn how to braid around the hairline$ 65.00 will learn ​how to braid for various styles$65.00
​ will learn how to sew the hair  ON steps$75.00 

 want to learn over 5 consecutive days. 1-5 techniques are taught each day. this is the very best extension application in the world 
. Rather than traveling to hair shows, working on stage and training hairdressers in the evening,                                        I will be training in jersey city, where I have a Private Salon.

Get an education, and write it off your taxes. Plus, I’m located in jersey city.

benjamin Hall is the instructor with over 31 years experience and is ‘right up to par’ in the beauty field. he is in jersey.mes , along with a certificate of completion and a take home gift bag.and you  will all so to be featured in an  our upcoming news later on  Course Details: You get training on any 5 techniques you want to learn over 5 consecutive days. 1-5 techniques are taught each day. to completion and a take home gift bag.
The class can last from a few hours to all day.depending how meany class you take, i will make shore that you can go to your salon and do extensions on someone from beginning to end. I figure what’s the point of learning something, new  if you’re not going to use it. where here to give you the confidence.  so you can do the bast work aver. and yes this a art . that i like to share with  aver one to understand,

                                                                                              I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed taking you about the  class. Thank you. You explained everything in such detail. I was looking for an extension class one on one that wouldn't damage my client’s hair with glues or heat .and you've got it! The the BjHair  extensions are exactly what I was looking for. Now I can give my client’s length and body without damaging their own natural hair. Taking your class was fun and easy. You made sure I understood how to put in and remove the extensions before that class was done. I left feeling so confident about my ability with the extensions class. that when I went home I was booking clients within the same month! I’m so glad I took the class from you."

I benjamin hall (CEO oner) have seen too many bad extension applications and simply bad or damaging systems that embarrass me as a cosmetologist. I can honestly say   that the system we use is the best in the world i have ever seen . so by completing the training, your first client will be your future advertisement 

 BjHair Extension training is a plus and profiterole . I will also be your mentor when you have questions in the future.. The training I do will be the best you have ever don. You will learn how to proceed in this new artistic talent, to me this is a art that i will be shearing the  knowledge :  for more info (800)941-0665

Educator: Benjamin hall
Working Cosmetologist over 31 years
Former educator 

Increase your financial income in this disturbed market. Market to another distinct clientele.
Learn how to apply and maintain hair Extensions , most natural looking extensions
on the market now, when done properly.

NO Heat...NO glue...NO Damage...
NO tension...NO stretching...NO chemicms...NO Pain

One on One Classes are available in Private Setting

To request more info on the Education: (800)941-0665

we do  accept credit cards  through our  website.

notebook, pen, opt. scissors and thinning shears. Scissors depending on what class you are taken 
 increase the finances of your salon.

Call SINCERELY YOURS Private Salon Bj Hair
for questions:
Continuing Education for Business Minded
              Salon Owners & Hairdressers 
                  who want to know more 
            on how to put in hairExtnions

​class Objective:


                 Available Classes 2017
               $320.00 per 5 Techniques
                  Hair-weaving Perfection
  ( testimonny's)

 one on one private class
Every course that's purchase is hour 
And  rember we at bjhair, we teach you how to put in hair extensions in all nationalities 
of all clients hair