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   .Hair Cut's $ 25.00 For Men A nd Women 
       .Color For Men 25
​      .Style cut's are 30.00 and up 
      . Hair treatments' 10.00 to 15.00 
       .We all specialize  hair extension                                          .We all so do hair color  But not in depth hair coloring         .We all so die hair extension if needed 
         .This a privet  Solon  one client at a time  by                          appointment only and you have a mask to be seen                  if you do not have you can be seen 

                        Bj hair Services for All                            Nationalities 
   At bj hair                                     we take care,                                    and provide our customers               with high quality services   personalized for their unique needs.       We are available  7 days a week. 

.and fascinating than a good long haircut for men. There is something raw and manly in There is nothing the long hairstyle which is not only fashionable in the modern society, but also in the ancient societies wherein scissors and shaving gadgets were a rarity. Here are some of the trendy good long 
                well  well the Quarantine                           Is Finally  Over On                  Monday June 22and We looking                Forward   in Servicing   

 Sale Sale  Sale  hair Extension Installation $125.00 first time client's only  
you have to have your Hair shampoo all ready ,
Be For you Arrive for your appointment , 
Are there will be a add $25.00 to your bill
it not we are more that welcome  to do the shampooing 
that will be will be a Extra cost,  that is not included In the sale price   By Appointment  Only
We have a variety of services 
                 for men