​          Feel Confident & Beautiful   after your first visit at BJ Hair Salon                                     
At BJ Hair we Guarantee a Fabulous Hair Extension experience. So flat you can 
Let Your Boyfriend Run His Fingers through Your Hair! We do wigs too!        

We At bjHair want you to rember, why going throw our web set that we do all ethnicity and textures of hair ,all nationality of people , at bjhair hair is hair so please do not get twisted     
 bj hair salon ....Wigs & Extensions ....  is a full service hair salon Sensitive to clients and others with Unique Hair Needs   
* hair cuts * wash and blow  
and yes we speciealize

Get a New Style

At BJ Hair Salon, we service clients of all ages, genders and hair types.  Straight, Wavy, Curly or Kinky; BJ Hair creates the look you choose.  Your hair is special to BJ Hair Salon.  At BJ Hair Salon; we say Hair Is Hair.

Come to our Salon ... Consult with our Stylist...We Create the Reality,making dreams come true...

When you want a perm, we use Creme of Nature and Soft & Beautiful products - the best in the industry.

We also provide tips on how to prevent hair loss. 

Hair Extensions

We also can give your hair more length or volume with our gorgeous hair extensions. Simply bring us, your hairpiece(s) and we'll put them in for you, creating your signature look.

Our owner

Benjamin Hall has over 30 Years of experience and is Highly Skilled in the art of hair extensions - this is BJ Hair Salon's specialty.

​This unique hairweaving technique was developed by the world renowned Benjamin Hall.  My hair weaving method is done with the most extraordinary flat foundation...

What flat foundation means is that I execute an ultra fine cornrow braid, no machines (no) .

Contact BJ Hair Salon located in Jersey City, New Jersey to schedule an appointment 1 (800) 941- 0665

BJ Hair Salon, services clients of all hair types; female, male, young and old . from Straight, to Wavy, Curly or Kinky hair, all are welcome.  BJ Hair Salon will  give you the look you desire. Schedule an appointment at BJ Hair Salon, our Consultant will help you to evaluate your current look and future styling needs.  The Best Stylist...We Create Reality through your hair styles.  Yes, BJ Hair has magic hands and great ideas.  

              bJ Hair Always  Says,                                               Let Your Boyfriend Run His                            Fingers Through Your Hair
 yes we speciealize hair extensions are some may say weaves