The Weave Is Only As Good As The Foundation—Master  hair weaver
 Bjhair walkcom you to this bjhair big covid  weaving sale  complementary price                         $100.00 dollars                                               first visit 
About our Salon              we opened  bjhair 35 years ago with a goal to serves our client s by creating a sublime experience that would exceed their expectations and to create a team that shared my dream. I believe I’ve achieved that goal. I am in awe every day when I see what we have  creating, and going beyond our client’s expectation of their vision of how they wanted to look and feel. When I asked each of my client  why they , each of them said ,because they wanted  a Hair Weave that is                           Traditional looking weave or some may say (hair Extension) that is  customized, for me .weaving, netting, lace closures,
and frontals sewed in or applied with a natural technique and no glue and no adhesive.  people feel and look great! Hair Weaving
Traditional weaving or customized, weaving, netting, lace closures,

what you can  expect for complimentary price
we at bjhair hair do not sale hair, are  provide hair , at our solon ,what we are the install of the weave, are some may say hair Extension, we will provide a basic a cut ,and styled .                                                                    anything outside of the basicscomplimentary price.        will cost you ,if your hair has to be shampoo, are conditioning Treatments ,Style cuts  ,is extra   
The Weave Is Only As Good As The Foundation—Master  hair weaver of the world 
flat no bombs no lambs 
it is a cornrow base .
very versatile 

We specialize in hair weave

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 are call  (201)333-4074
we all so are doing house  call's 
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